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Legs moved like chariots on fire. Blase the poof and dust.

Let your writing inks disappear, transform into word shapes

Imagination composed, calmly drawing.

At first, it starts with a dot. I don’t know what to write or draw today.

Then, with a second leg forward, comes the third, fourth and a flicky nice five

Creativity is like sugar, for living, for enjoyment and for expression

That’s why having a reliable expression medium is crucial

Always loyal and ready in your pocket or table, anywhere or position style

IdeatingCards is by artists for artists

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Ben Lyon

Co-founder Kopo-Kopo: A giant fintech company txn $1billion in East Africa

Feels so personal and uplifting! The unboxing experience is unlike anything I’ve experienced.Β 

There were personalized notes, gifts within gifts, hidden messages, and the prompts are really thoughtful. I’m excited to dive in!

Ben Headshot

Regina Stone-Grover

Trauma informed - Mental health professional. Convener #FreeYourPhire

This company is awesome! My ideation cards came quickly. My box came with everything to support me in my idea development.

My box included cards that offered inspiration, portable blank cards, and information to contact with any questions if I had them.

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