In this era of technology, it is very difficult to raise your child without devices including mobile, laptop, television, and so on, which make children addicted to screen time, which is unhealthy. Excessive screen time does not create physical harm only; it also makes our children psychologically unstable. The children who are brought up with excessive use of devices and addicted to screen time are affected with eye problems, improper brain growth of the brain, lack of social value, loss of analytical capability, and so on.


So there is a question for every parent: Is it possible to raise a child without devices? As a parent, I was also worried about it and decided to find a way to keep away from the device. I found that a book is the best alternative to entertain your child. If you can create the habit of reading books in their childhood, you can raise your children without screen time. Now the question is how can we foster love for books from early childhood. I will share my personal experience and learn how to foster love for books in children.


For my two children, I do different study and experience. There, I am going to demonstrate ten very important points which will help me grow my love and reading habit of books in early childhood.


Enjoy reading time to your kids

If you want to introduce a book to your children as a part of playing, you have to play with them first. My first choice to spend quality time with kids is books. Because I can engage them through reading which is very enjoyable.

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Understand their taste for books

At the time of reading, we should take care of childrenโ€™s taste in books. Children sometimes got attached to some characters, stories, and events. You can read aloud those according to their demand. My daughter loves dinosaurs. I purchase story books containing this character. They feel happy as well when they see that their parents take a good care of their choice.


Be their model

ย Smartphones are a vital element but they are sometimes addictive as well. I am saying it because when we get a little bit of free time we go to use mobile phones which is not good for our children because we are their mirror. What we do is copied by them in a shorter moment. So we have to practice first. We spend our leisure time with books. Even at the time of breastfeeding, at bedtime, even in between some work. So when our kids see us with books they are also habituated to doing the same.


ย Make reading interactive.

ย My son’s favorite book is โ€œNiluโ€. This is his favorite because I tried to act in all the characters of that book. This book is beneficial for learning counting as well. My daughter is starting to learn it. It was possible only for interaction. When I read I ask questions, ask them whether they are loving it, which is more enjoyable. They answer it and I appreciate it if they give the right answers.


Celebrate special occasion for books. Parents can celebrate special occasions by reading books related to those occasions. They can also practice some activity books with their children. In Ramadan we give our children Ramadan Activity book, on Edul Azha we provide Hazz activity books and so on. On Eid we provide new books. You can celebrate special occasions of your religion, country.


Try different ways of reading. Reading methods should be different. It removes monotony. If our children get bored then they will not feel attraction to reading books. Sometimes we louder our voice or shorter our tone. Children like different ways of reading. Parents can use many interactive ways to read books.


ย Give real life experience through books. Sometimes we find some books that remind us about our childhood. At that time we can share that moment with our children. Like, I was reading a book about a boy who lost his parents in a circus while he was watching the activities of an elephant. He started crying. But at the end of the story, the boy found his parents with the help of the owner of the elephant. In my childhood, I have a similar story. So I share with my children that it’s learning that gave them fun.


ย Make place of reading friendly. We should make a separate reading place. Not necessarily it will be decorated with expensive elements. We can do DIY. We can use our spare floor mat, use available cushions, some indoor plants etc. We can make a separate corner besides our bed which makes a habit of bedtime reading. We can also visit the library nearby. It helps to get a lot of ideas.


Arrange competition and lucrative rewards Children are fond of celebrating occasions. If we arrange occasions for competitions like reading marathons, quiz, review contest, drama etc. There are some arrangements of prizes which encourage them to read more and more.


Learn them to be happy with books, My final and most important point is to read for happiness. In my childhood, I read more when I remain upset or I read to get motivated. Tell your children how to enjoy reading and how to be happy by reading books.


These ten points I have applied to my children when they were just starting to make eye contact. I started reading with them at an early age. It helps me to create an amazing bonding with them. I hope this writing will be beneficial for every parent and caregiver.


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