I officially started painting upon my admission to the fine & applied arts department of DELSU in 2022. I’ve always wanted to be a good artist since childhood, always ready to learn by any means available to me and eventually got to school for it.

The activities at school was first really strange and overwhelming at the earliest beginning because All I’ve done before was draw with pencils and sometimes colour with crayons or colour pens but met a whole lot more in school. Even the drawing sessions felt strange at the beginning because all I’ve done before then was drawing from pictures while we draw from live at school, while also had to learn about the elements and principles of art.

I was really new to painting and mixing of colours. My beginnin of painting was really rough, but I started doing better gradually and even got to love painting more than any other activity we do like sculpture, or ceramics and even drawing.

We were introduced to painting with local poster colours on paper, I was doing better at it with every practice but due to my eagerness to explore more, I decided one day to get my hands on acrylic and see what it’s like.

This painting of white Lilly was my first attempt with the acrylic paints and I call it “Hope”. I was surprised at the quick drying time of the acrylics but also love the vibrance of the colours. The quick drying could be an advantage and disadvantage too, depending on the circumstances but a master of it can get it all to his advantage.

In the painting, we can observe the white Lilly on a dark background, stretching happily to the top left, where there’s a little ray of light. We can say the Lilly is in a valley of darkness but amidst that, sees light at the top which represents a ray of hope that keeps it vivacious and eager to break free from the valley of darkness into light.

Comparing the painting to our lives, our current situation and circumstances may seem like a dark valley around us trying to make sure we stay below, but with a little ray of hope, we keep fighting till we break free into the light of life. Hope keeps us going, keeps us motivated and even keeps us alive because a man is dead when his hopes are dead he gets revived with the slighest reawakening of hope.

What This Means To Me As An Artist: This shows me that no matter how my beginning is like, especially im learning new things, there is hope that I can do great someday, be like the old masters too and make a positive impact on the world with my art.

Thank you for reading this far your support means a lot. I’ll try to really be consistent with sharing works here. 😘🎉


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