First, it starts with an impulse of THOUGHT, a flash of idea through the Mind.

If that Thought is brought into the conscious memory from time to time, it becomes a Wish.

If the Wish is held in the Mind through constant remembrance and enthusiasm, it transforms itself into DESIRE.

When Desire saturates the mind, and emotion is mixed with it THROUGH FAITH, it transmutes itself into a BURNING DESIRE.

When the Burning Desire becomes the dominating thought and essence of the being, when it envelopes both the conscious and the subconscious Mind, when it drives one into Action, it takes the quantum leap and becomes an OBSESSION.

At this stage, Success is practically guaranteed. Even nature has to step aside for that Man. It is either he wins or he wins!

#Achievement #Success #Persistence

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  1. It feels like this writer is
    Struck by a lightning-effect glimpse of sharp knowledge.
    It looks like this writer is
    Weavy of the sweet storms of understanding.
    And it so looks, this writer is:
    Smiling and in awesomeness.

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