I have a question.ย 

What is water? What is it about water that gives life?ย 
What about it revives the dying back to life?ย 
What sorcery and magic is water?

Sure, someone will tell me water is two parts hydrogen atoms and one part oxygen. Thatโ€™s what it is.

Another might say water sustains because we are made up of water so we need it for sustenance.

But why though? Why do we need it for sustenance? Why is water vital to life? What is it about water that upholds? When in itself it is quite fluid.

If I have a dying plant that has lost turgidity from dehydration, why will it not perk up if I take a can filled with two hydrogen atoms to it. Then follow that with a can of one oxygen atom.

Is the magic in the mixing? Or is it in the binding of said atoms? If it is, shouldnโ€™t the mixing be the water? Shouldnโ€™t the binding be called water? Is that not where the magic lies?ย 
If not,

What is the water?

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