While I was working on my entry for Collab card’a contest, I found the size of Ideating Cards quite good for making quick prototype paintinings. So I decided to keep with up with that and here’s one piece I created after.

It’s my first time doing an actual abstract work personality. This piece depicts a typical African mother and son walking their way home under a stormy rainfall. The mother carries a load on her head, supporting it with her right hand and holding her little son, which could be about 5 years old, with her left hand. They are both drenched in the rain but they don’t have any other option than to keep going because they are in a seemingly remote area. This piece is actually a kind of visual autobiography of myself with my ever caring Mom. So many times we have to go through situations like this. This is a typical lifestyle of rural people in the Niger Delta of Nigeria where I am from.

Sooner, they would get to their home and refresh themselves from the day’s hard labour and the eventual predicament in the storm. Although they might sustain some illness from the cold, they would probably get over it and live happily as if it never happened. They live their lives like hoping that one day, their lives would get better and won’t have to be like that anymore.

I will be creating a large canvas of this piece soon. You can also pre-oder it in the while.

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